Small-batch, artisanal beard grooming

supplies for the modern gentleman.

Archetype comes in four bold,
archetypal scent profiles:










What’s Your Archetype?


Take it from some of our most satisfied Archetypes

  • Alright… I wasn’t going to reveal how I get such a smooth looking beard but I can’t keep this secret from the world much longer. It would be very selfish of me and it’s too good of a product. My fellow bearded dudes:it’s time to end your bearded nappiness (and probably smelliness). I present to you Archetype beard oil…

    Archetype Beard Co. Customer
  • Best Christmas gift ever for a bearded man :0) thanks to wifey and my boy @archetypebeardco … #realmenhavebeards #Beardoil #Beardbalm #boarbristlebrushes

    Archetype Beard Co. Customer
  • You don’t have to keep staring at my awesome beard and wonder, “maybe he’s born with it.” The secret is, @archetype_beard_co hooked me up with an early release of their yet to be named, batch #3 oil and balm.

    Archetype Beard Co. Customer
  • If you got a wild beard that’s hard to tame, try this beard oil/balm by our friend’s new startup @archetype_beard_co. Follow and sign up for their email list to get some free samples. Guaranteed, your beard will look and smell fresh??

    Archetype Beard Co. Customer